Resources for Learning Morse Code

Below are some links to resources I’ve come across, either on my own or during my time as a student with CW Academy.

CW Academy
CW Academy is an excellent online resource for practice material as well as a great way to learn Morse in a group setting. I suggest you sign up now; there is a waiting list, sometimes up to a year, so be patient. There is a wait because it is worth it, and it works.

Learn Morse Code Online is a pretty good website with lots of tools. Convenient practice material, customizable to your needs. This program has timing issues when using Farnsworth spacing.

ebook2cw enables you to turn any text into a CW practice file. This program has timing issues when using Farnsworth spacing.

QRQ is an excellent high speed Morse training tool. In addition to call signs, it is capable of playing files of common words.

Morse Runner
Morse Runner is a practice tool for contesting, and good for recognizing call signs and numbers. It is capable of mimicking poor band conditions, too, so it is somewhat realistic.

CWGet is a Morse code ‘reader’. It does a pretty good job at decoding Morse signals. Useful for practicing your sending, as it ruthlessly enforces correct letter spacing. Not as good for word spacing, though.

RufzXP is a vicious little program. It sends random call signs, and you type them in as you hear them. The more you get correct, the faster it goes. If you make a mistake, it slows down and gives you a sad faced icon. Vicious. (and fun)

Just Learn Morse Code
Just Learn Morse Code is another very useful practice tool.

A note about the timing issues mentioned above. Fabian Kurz, the author of the code used in LCWO.NET and ebook2cw, acknowledges that the timing when using Farnsworth spacing is off. FYI, it’s a bit faster than indicated. He intends to fix the issue as soon as he gets time. Meanwhile, if you use standard timing, the tools are accurate.